Improve your business operations with efficient and custom workflows integration.

Improve your business operations with efficient and custom workflows integration.

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Working with Robin was a great experience. He understood very quickly the end goal objective therefore the time from concept to final product was extremely fast. The other thing that was incredible was the foresight of creating the Airtable structure to accommodate the future growth of features. I would recommend Robin to anyone and will definitely work with him for future projects and to enhance the current project we just finished. Thank you!!!


Nemo Travel

Robin has been an incredible addition to the nemo team. From day 1, his energy to help and understanding of our problem was clear, the speed and efficiency that he has found the solution is mind blowing. Highly recommend using Robin to level up and increase productivity across all areas of your business.



Awesome experience working with Robin. He is very passionate about solving problems through Airtable and was able to answer all my questions and help me with the project. Highly recommend if you need consultation regarding Airtable. Cheers!



Robin is super knowledgeable about all things related to Airtable and its ecosystem. I have experience in software development myself, but had specific questions about Airtable. You can see that Robin has a lot of expertise there. First, he took the time to listen to my specific business needs. Then, we did a screen sharing session. I showed him what I had done already, and he gave me best practices and insights. Where Airtable couldn't achieve what I wanted out of the box, he gave me workarounds that were really helpful. I just ordered from him again, and I expect to keep relying on him for all my Airtable needs :)


My Accountability Space

Super impressed with Robin level of knowledge in designing a no code solution. Took time to understand my requirement and map out a possible solution that can be achieved using airtable. I will definitely be using his service again


SuperDive NYC

Hiring Robin to help with my Airtable was one of the best decisions I've made! Not only did he quickly understand a rather complex assignment, he was very communicative to ensure no miscommunications. He put in effort to understand my needs and maximize the use of our time together, which I really appreciate. It felt like it was truly about helping me and not about the paycheck - which is a lucky find! Robin has also mentored me and explained best practices so I can do some of the work on my own in the future. He cleaned up a lot of the work that I did on my own in a way that I couldn't have done without an expert. I am enthusiastically booking more sessions with Robin.